when the music hits, i feel no pain at all...rancid

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2 HIT CREEPERcut me slack if messed up name, tuff weekend!!
3RD RAIL *** trust scum!!
a better half (stalklist)
AC/DC bon & brian sing, phil drums, cliff bass, angus & malcom gtr metal australia will always be scums fave bandheavymetal austrailiapowerage(album)
ADEMAdamn, they should have the i hate to say i told ya so song, cuz i had to eat my words after i saw em live, they rock!bakersfield hc
AFI nextshow adam drums; jade guitar; hunter bass; davey sings (i miss geoff) EBHC for gothdorks, they rock hard as fuck
AGAINST ALL AUTHORITY danny joe kris florida um, hardcore ska??? no reason
AGENT ORANGEkings of surfpunk
AGRESSION *** punk hardest working bass player alive!!how many bands is he in?
ALL BETS OFF *** tour scheduletrust scum!!
AMERICAN HEARTBREAK *** trust scum!!!
AMERICAN TERRORISTS *** wheee finally saw!!! joe is syco singer, smoked out bass playa twice and still cant remember name, geez im a tard, but i DO remember how good he is!!, jailbait megashred gtr playa. ps YO JOE, WAIT TILL YA HEADLINE TO DO THE BLOOD THANG, ya dang punk
AMBIDEXTROUSwheeeeeeeee. funpunk from de anza. scum jr is jealous that they arent from pvhs, tho
ANGRY SAMOANSsouthcali punk
ANGST NATIONstalklistspiderplacebo
ANTHRAX john/joey,frank,charlie,scott(!!)NYC METAL!!!(and my fave rap song,too) yes yes o fast yes!!! im the man bands
ANTI-FLAG chris, chris#2, justin, pat. pitts, pa freedompunks scum jrs best band. scum og loves em, too. spazzs house destruction party
AVERSIONSpunkfuckginrawk!! killer double guitars, wackign bass, and sexyasfuck punkgirly singer who will drive ya CRAZY. hella fun, go see!!
...B... ....B...... ...B... ...B...
BAD RELIGION3 punk guitars, nuff saidso far: 2 car wrecks, one firing, one demented roadtrip to sandiego due to br!!evangeline, like duh!!!and add to list: 1 8 hour round trip to reno, where i rawked so hard at little stage i forgot to go see bad religion, who i had driven all that way for. ahhahah im a tard
bag of junkstalklist
BETTER THAN NOTHINGpunkyska from (damn, and i thought only austin rawked. i was WRONG!) dallas, texas. i hella love this band!!!!!!singer was born to be a frontman, bass playa is wickidly skilled, trombone dood blasts my soul, and the guita playa is so shy it squeezes my insides. er, the drummer must be good too, or the band would suck, but thats bout all the drumtarded scum knows bout drumming. plus merch/roadie doods are very scumlike( i.e. punk AND nice, a combination way too rare). see ya in december!!!!!
BIOHAZARDbiohazard 4ever, motherfucker!!! NEWYORK HARDCORE
BLASTERSamerican music that rawks!!dave and phil back together!!omygod!!
BLATANT RIDICULE *** hella good hc!!! double gutiars, too!
BLOOD HAG um, nerd hardcore?sounds like anal cunt, poses like supersuckers
BLOTTOS (RIP) spam! O NO!! they broke up??? but, but, but, but heathers the one who made me brave enuff to try to learn guitar. scums in mourning
BLOWN TO BITS *** hc um, jakes holding his guitar lower now, so dont know if he still counts as the bayarea tom morello. band is hc as fuck tho, that im sure of
BONGZILLA *** yes yes they coming back, finally!!!!!!!!!1
BORIS THE SPRINKLER dorkpunk rev norb wont play cali anymore, boo! drugs & masterbation
BORN DEAD *** EBHC bass player punker than fuck!!!
BOTTLES AND SKULLSBottles & skulls is to rockign my ass as skullfucks is to hummers, INFUCKIGNTENSE!!sf punk
BOULDERomygod the guitars!!!! colorado punk
boy sets fire (stalklist)
BRAINOILlocal hc, er, & metal, er, & rocknroll, band!!! waygreat
BREAKDANCE VIETNAMkelly drums, shange & adam gtr, brent sings, atom bass
BRIEFS so. cali punk
BURMESE oakland!! hc w/2 dueling distorted-too-fuck basses (no guitars, tho). hella ku!!
...C... ....C... ...C... ...C...
CASHIERSum, wuts garage called if they can play hella good?
THE CASUALTIES2 punkrawk 4 u(but not 4 warped)
CATALYSThardcore w/way great songs!!!! double guitars to die for.
CHIX PAKhella fun allgirl punk!!!
CLIFTONS *** trust scum!!!
CROSSTIDEsorta emo, but still kewlportland, oregon
COUNTERPOINT justin(myhero)drums, mark bass, mike gtr & sing.livermore hc? ruff rock? PERFECT rock!!!watchout. both gtr & lyrics can make me cry PS THANKS 4 SINCITY johnny
CURBSIDE RESISTANCE hardrocking from humbolt??? look like hippys, but play hard as punks!
CUTTERS girl singer great pipes & hella nice!!
DAMNATIONS (TX)country (yeah country fuckwad!! i can like more than punk) texassisters voices wrap around each other so beautiful!!!
DARVON COMPLEX fast fast!!!! but NEED BASS!
DEAD END CAREERtrust the scum!!
DEAD SMURFSmy friends, who are NOT fucking nazis!!!!! no webpage, but EMAIL HERE
DEATH BY STEREOsouthcali hc
DEATHXDEATH *** josh sings, andre gtr, james drums, steev bass. hc+punk +metal=hc?
DEFAULTtrust scum!!!
DEMENTIA sactometal
DESTROYED sfpunk they bleed, they scream, they punk!
DEVIATESthey rocked so hard i forgot to go see badreligion. enuff said!!!!!!
DISMEMBERS *** spam!!

nextshow schedule
DONNAS *** redwoodcity, punk girlramones 40 boys in 40 nights
DOPESICKhardcore, way good screamy singer, guitar player is like 8 feet tall & waywayway good!!!! plus he gets all feisty & tuff, bass playa was mia last show (neato substitue, tho), and THE DRUMMER LOVES SUICIDAL TENDENCIES, so i love the drummer!!!
DOWN FACTOR *** oakland metal!!!george & john gtr, jon drums damian bass pure rocks!!
DOWNWAYcanadian motherfuckign hc!
D.R.I.og hc!!!!! fucking A!!!thrashard not only my fav dri song, one of the best songs ever ever ever ever!!!!
DROPKICK MURPHYSboston fuckign punk!and duh, that means theyre irishamerican, swoon!!was too mean to put on page til i figured out what favorite song was called, but its all good now!!THE GAUNTLET!!!
DROWNING POOLtrust scum!!!
...E... ....E......E......E...
EAST BAY CHASERS *** east bay punk rawk duh, wut the fuck where ya expecting?listen to chasers
EDDIE HASKELLS cutty sings, jason drums, rich & mikey guitars, jeff bass Oakland Punk scums fav punk band im addicted, your frustrated
EMINEMscum jr loves so much, had to put him on the list (and besides, his lyrics rawk!!
ENEMIES FRONTtrust scum!!
ESCAPOso ku!!! hc w/lyrics in spanish, tagalog, & english
FABULOUS DISASTER *** all girl. all punk. all fuckign right!!!!
FARTZpunk. punk up your ass. punk up your ass on drugs!!!!!punk up your ass on drugs with an attitude. punk up your ass on drugs with an attitude, AND GUITARIST TO BACK IT ALL UP!!!
FAMILY BUTCHERpunk from waySo. cali, way good, and singer has the sexiest beerbelly in the history of the world
FETISH hey, were u @ warped?can i have ur autograph? heheeh
FINAL SUMMATIONjailbait punk, RAWKS! sacto
FLESHIES *** john(mr.spam)sings, vonnny bass, matt gtr, er, cant read my writing for drummers name. owell spams finest! bestest dorkpunk band ever(sorry boris)oops, heres the official site
FLIPSIDES *** fun, punky, girl gtr/singer!!!
FLUFF GIRLdorkest bandname i ever heard, but BOBS SO KEWL I FORGIVE
FORCING BLOOMum, hardcore & rock & groovy music all blended together. hecka kewl!!!! and wait till you see daphne turn from sweetest girly in world into crazed, singing, sexy, romping, star!!!!! and steve not only wacks a mighty bass, HE DOES IT IN A KILT!!! guitar playa supershreds & makes me faint. and (since the electricity kept goign off when i saw em) i even got to hear a drum solo, so i actually noticed drums in this band, and drummer dood is great!!!!! if the muppet who drums was a real human, he would be forever jealous of blooms drummer
FRACAS *** nextshow schedulecrazyintensesinger, bass playa attacks&wails upon his bass, bob is perfecto drummaster, & guitarist so fuckign shreds that even the um, oftentimes guitar-focused scum aint bitching bout fracas having one less guitarist nowfracas fucking rawks.
FUSTY LUGGSastro-clyde drums, smeggie(mike) bass, rm nixon(dave) gtrgreat punk from az (& dood WAILS on his epi rockabilly geetar!!
G2Ki havent actually seen yet, but i know they rawk
GENUESpunky jailbait, supernice, and way rawking
GHOST TOWN hart drums, henry bass, owen gtr hecka kewlio metalfunk????
GHOULTOWNdallas, texas rockabilly/psycobilly/country, aw shit i dont know wut to call them2 electric, 1 acoustic, plus 1 bass, and fast as fuck, damn u know i love it (horn too!!!!)
GLASSJAW *** trust scum!!!
GRABBERS ocpunk, disbanded???? heard rumor they reformed. Cross fingers!!!
THE GRANNIES *** er, (gwar)*(supersuckers)=grannies???sorta?
GREENDAY punk they still just lildrunkpunks to me!!
GREEN LIGHT THE BOMBERS *** trust scum!!!!
groovie ghoulies *** nextshow schedule sacto punkspent funnest halloween ever @ghoulies cw show longass time ago
GUTTERMOUTHvandals jr (thats a compliment!!)
HELLBILLYS *** wheeeeeeeee i finally seen again!! i soooooo love the band that taught me wut sykobilly wuzhelphelp not the smoke machine again. i still have nightmares bout the giant hit of smokemachine i accidently toked @fratparty in 95ps hey barry, scums sister says hey
HIDDEN POCKETjailbait punky, hella catchy songs
HIVESok, aint really seen em yet, but this is my friggin webpage, so fuck the bandorama rules, I LOVE THE HIVES
HOBOSTANKif only i could pronounce bandname, i would tell world how great they are
THE HOODS sacto hc wow!!! ive been seeing the hoods so long, they aint even jailbait hc anymore!!!!
HOSTILE OMISHomygod soooooooo funny!!! they dress up amish, & have the FUNNIEST songs this side of guttermouth
HOT ROD CIRCUITtoo many "hot:"bands, i think this the emoy one i like
HOT WATER MUSICtoo many "hot:"bands, i think this the punky one i likeupdate warped: yes, this is the punk one i like!!!!!
HUDSON FALCONSnew jersey workingfucking class punkthe rat is dead
IDIOTS *** see boom!! see boom sing!!! sing boom sing!!! see scum die of happinessps i love boomoyeah, frisco fucking punk, natch!!!!
ILLBLOODEDwheeeeeee wheeee!!!! boy AND girl singers for hc band!!!! hc girl singers R A W K!!!!
ILL NINOtrust scum!!!
INCUBUStrust scum!!!
INSANIACSofuckinggod. the fastest strummer ive ever seen
INTREPID AAF(RIP) HC, orlando sings, eric drums, israel bass, abe guitar better every time i see emUPDATE: intrepid is disbanded ---:(
JOHN THE BAKERfinally!!!!!! i saw i saw!!! & now the mighty bakerman can be officially listed in scumland, as he most defiantly rawks!!!sing with me now kids: "fist fuck, fist the pope"private to mysterygirly: u owe me!!! i think i damaged some internal organ or somethign by trying not to watch. its ur fault if its fatal!!!
K9O damn! these guys know theyre instrument, and all in the cause of punkfuckignrawk!no website yet, but here's their email
KONTRAKLASSElongbeach hc
LARS FREDRICKSON & THE BASTARDSum, the just because i dress like this, dont mean im a, that one!!!
LAZY AMERICAN WORKERShella fun punk, gtr player can SHRED when he wants to!!!! toledo, ohio
LEGBONE Ohio punk
THE LINCONS usta be santarosa, straight up frisco nowadays scum hallofame award to guitarist for the 4th of july doubleshot!!!! oman i love their songs!!! tie for fav: violent sex & i like the nightlife, BABY.
LINK 80 nextshow usta be ebpunk, not sure now havent seen since major lineup changes, not sure
THE LOCALSyeah, i know theyre total jailbait, they still rawk
LONG BEACH DUB ALLSTARSya,i wish they were sublime, too, but they still from lb, and they still ska, so shutup ur damn whining, punk. lbdubs close efuckign nuff!
LOOSE CHANGE omygod hella good!! where the fuck is the places u playing? is that even in california?
low budgetOAKLAND!!
lowlife *** nextshow
LOW WATERrock to make ya cum&cryi am so speechless and just in awe
LUST KILLERShella rawking punk!!! drummer from swinging utters!!!!! mad guitars, gonna be BIG!!!!!!
MACHINEHEAD *** nextshow schedule oakland metal!!!!!
ME FIRST & THE GIMMEGIMMES/TD>spike sings, dave drums, joey & jackson gtr, and svelte mike bass. SF ALLSTAR CrossMusicalGenre Cover Bandfrom:NUFAN,NOFX,Lagwagon,and (savebest4last):SWINGING UTTERS!above link takes u to nofx site, but fuck it, im a lazypunk, you figure out the rest
MEN OF PORNcant write review cuz alll my brains melted & spilt to floor due to bassplaya-induced brainfry...drip drip drip
MENTAL CASEtrust scum!!!
METALLICA(SUCKS) eb best ever metal band i hate midget lars, but sure do love the music (& i love james as much as i hate midgetlars )
MIDTOWN punk its just rock n roll
MIKEY HATES LIFEgeorge(drums)eric(bass)mikey(gtr)Q. whats the only thing better than punk? A. punk w/ a rockabilly gretsch!!!
MOLOTOVgangsta hc from mexico!!!!my favorite spanish-language bandps if ya know the scum atall, you will know that "my favorite spanish-language band" is fuckign impressive
MONSTER SQUADtrust the scum!!
MORNING AFTER ok, i dont really know if they're local or not they hella rock, wherever theyre from
THE MOVIE LIFEpunky long island, ny!!wow! these guys must have worn out a set a tires a month for the last few months. tour, punk, tour!!!
THE NADS"a fucked up rock n roll band" -nads. "a rock n roll band i wanna fuck"-scum
NASHVILLE PUSSYOYES!! NASTY NASTY ROCKING BADGIRLS!!you MUST go see nashville pussy!!!! scum commands it!!!
nerve agents(RIP) andy drumED, eric sAng, dante bassED, eric & timmy guitarrED. punk er, my "they will be bigger than afi" is obviously not very good prediction
NIGEL PEPPERCOCK eb punktanners peppercock pics
NO DIRECTIONdave, matt, ian, evan, castro valley punklisten to nodirectioncovered I WANNA MOHAWK @warped!!any band that covers a punksong scum knows the words to is automatically awarded bandorama status, but no direction would of been scumapproved even w/o afi song
NOFX>hey, sveltemike lives here, so counts as local
NOTHING YETsouth cali punk!!!!
NO USE FOR A NAME nextshow
NUCLEAR ADDICTShardcore fucking punks from omygawd, dallas texas!!! dood, u hafta be hella ballsout to survive as a punk in texas!!!
NUTS AND BOLTS *** OiYaDamnLazyPunks! wayskins!! and beyondkewl girl gtr!
OCTOBER ALLIED *** rockabilly? in oakland? FUCK YES!!
oppressed logic nextshow schedule OAKLAND HC PUNK UP UR ASS in the pit, mike(sngr) turns into yoda & will so kick your big hulking frat boy butts!!! ,,plus!every evilbandboi in band pops up in other bands, too!!
OSMIUM eb metal!!!
papa roach nextshower, guess youve heard of em by now, eh?scum loved them first!!!!!ask them about playing the exxon station in pinolehehheh
PANTERA texas metal will forgive dimebag 4 texas cuz HESOFAST
PEPPERscum jr warped pic
PHALANXseattle hc
PHENOMENAUTS *** stalklist
PINHEAD CIRCUSofficially brokeup, but dont know new bands name yet
<PIPEDOWN ean sings, jack drums, doug bass, jason & james geetars. punk sacto Sacto hc, and yes, they made me sing, TADA!!!
PORTRAIT OF POVERTYim moving to washington, dammit!!!washington
POWERAGE *** ac/dc tribute band (and fuckoff, punks, i dont care if its lame to lvoe cover bands, i love powerage!!!
POWERHOUSE nextshow schedule ernie(theman!!)bass, chris sings, um, new drummer who likes is greekgod, abe (nice) eddie(abe says is nice, i usta b scared,tho) both gtr, KINGS OF OBHC!!!! i sleep in my powerhoues jersey. nuff said?

nextshow schedule eb metal
PUDDLE OF MUDtrust scum!!!
RAGE AGAINST THE MACHINE byebye zach, hello chrisl o, did they have a singer b4?cuz its all bout tommy!
RANCID brett drums, matt hella bass!! lars(the good)& timmy, gtrs Berkeley punk+skaGET WELL LARS!!2many2list, but best is RADIO
REAL MCKENZIESscumjr#3(see antiflag personell for # explination)'s favorite band!!!scum og luvs em,toowhiskeyscotchwhiskey(scumjr#3), nessie(scumog)
RED TAPE *** j. gtr & vocal, chuck bass, tim drum (old cd, might be wrong??)sacto hc
REDUCERS SF glen scott mike kevin? no there more peeps in band. shoot i dont know
REMNANTS *** santa rosa punk featuring the feistiest baldest bass playa ever.
RESILIENCE josh, dave, spite, johnny, fury santarosa punk the punkest singer InTheWorld!
RESISTALEROS brian (sorry only name i know) & 2 killer gtrs!sammy from fang singer, and HELLA nice drummer whose name i forgot cuz im tarded, sorry FINALLY!!OMYGOD WORTH THE WAIT, THEY ROCK!! o, and fuck the OPD for shutting down show, ya facists
RETOXtrust the scum!!
REVEREND HORTON HEAT omygod the revs guitar!!! lick me here, rev!!!(put please avoid poking da back!!)
RIOT A GOGOtrust scum!!!
S.T.F.U. oakland punk!!!! um, if u think the casualties are ultimate punks, guess again. plus, scums favorite chick drummer!!!!
scorched earth policy nextshow scheduletrust scum!!!
SCREW32 ripok i KNOW they broke up, but dont care, they staying on my list forever
SCURVY DOGS *** SF punk over the hill & into the pit
THE SICK *** nextshow schedule SFHC scums favorite hcband!!!!!!! bulletproof
SIFT nextshowtrust scum!!!
SLAYER omygod finally guitars fast enough for scum

nextshow schedule dont worry, sloe aint slow
SOCIAL PIGSpunkish music, hc singing, local, jailbait, rawkin 3 piece
SOCIETY DOGSomygod, gtr dood knows his guitar better than anyone ever!!!!!
SONGS FOR EMMAtrust scum!!!
THE SORE THUMBSum, i call them my mikeness jr band ---:)
SPEEDEALERomygod. faster than slayer. i didnt even think that was humanly possibledont care how long it takes, they will play again. and i will be there!!
SPUthe future kings of tardpunk musicanna sings, frankie drums, gens the bass playa, doug and jeff fight over who lead guitarist is, rhonda does rhythm guitar richmond & antioch punk band"we're SPU, fuck you"
SPYLTmega jailbait hardcore, beyond shredding guitars, 5 string bass playa who hella thumps it, great songs, go see them!!
SPUrebecca drums, genny & jimmy bass, dane sings, jeff, frankie, & rhonda gtr, AND anne sings after she comes back from tourOAKLAND, ANTIOCH, RICHMOND, MTZWE'RE SPU, FUCK YOU!!! !!
STATCH & THE RAPESomygod. he shoved his gtr in my face!!! i fainted!!!! fast furious fun & apparently brave as fuck punk rawk from oregon.
S.T.F.U. punk!!!! just dont ever shut the fuck up, please
STRANGEGIRLkim (omygod,wuts better, her voice or her lyrics?)SHOULD BE JEAN ON bass, but i guess ill have to wait and let kim pick, jerry drums, and um, ROB (OMYGOD, WHATS BETTER HIS GTR OR HIS WAH?ILL DIE FINDING OUTbeautiful rock, and god, robs guitar
STEREOTYPEtrust the scum!!
(THE) STEREOTYPES *** stalkerlist
STRIFEso cali hc
STRYCHNINE *** sf punk, double guitars o i love their guitars!!!
subincision nextshow schedule john,pat,mike & corey = berkeley punk antibark device (x3) stickitupyourass!!!!listen to subincision
SUICIDAL TENDENCIES la gansta hc mike m sings, mike c & dean gtr, josh bass, brooks drums. & i cant even describe how much i love stGO SKATE!(possessed 2 skate)
SUNSET BEACHscums fave oklahoma band!!
swingin' utters

nextshow schedule
SYSTEM OF A DOWN o yes, fast enuff for scum!!!
TAB3 piece screamyhc from colorado w/funny drummer & wicked bass
TEENAGE HARLOTS *** i love the totally wacked singer!!
THOUGHT CRIME *** nextshow schedule fernando & john & meanjason &adam & jailbait aaron!! omygod Adams grownup!!!!wheee
THRICE dustin sings & guitars, riley drums, edddie bass, tepeei guitar HC w/lyrics that make me cry, is that even possible?
TIGER ARMY nextshow schedule oh my god, this is nicks band?? aw sheet they rock!!!
TRAGEDY punk Oregon hardasspunk!!!&guitars to faint for!!!
TRAMPSsocial d, if mike was a beautiful girl ---:)
TRES DAVESapparently, 3 rawking daves from nyc
TROUBLEMAKER *** totally one of my FAVORITE FAVORITE BANDS!!!!! cuz i looooooooooooove the hardcore, and troublemaker gives me the hardcore. i can hardly make it thru a show w/o fainting. yeah baby!!!! plus, even tho their music is tuffer than fuck, they are sweet as pie (dont tell em i said that, tho). trek drums hella fast (& lets me borrow his pipe, wheeeeeeee) brent thunks bass till i quiver and has the bestest "im too cool to care" playing face i've ever seen , and garrett & joker remind me every second they play of why i love guitars. (plus, the only thing better than redhair is nohair, and i get both with troublemaker wheeeeeeeeeeeeeee). um, dont let my swooning fool ya. its just a bonus. they fucking hardcore hella rawk, i promise!!!!!road rage (at the moment, i go back n forth alot on fave song
USELESS IDberkeley punk via israel
UN-IDu want the hardcore? you cant handle the hardcore!!!! oman these guys are great. i wont cry anymore over ratm breaking up, cuz un ids better anyway
THE USEDwarped
...V... ....V... ...V... ...V...
VICIOUS UGLY PUNXfuck!!! these guys are great!! four crazyass punks from australia with songs that will rawk ur ass off. AND they sound like angus when they talk. their big usa tour got messed up hella when the headliner bailed, but they kept playing and never gave up. VICIOUS RULES!!!! now, i just need to figure out how to hitchhike to australia
VICTIMS FAMILY *** true old school punk punk so real poserdork me shouldnt be allowed to see!
VIRUS 9 mike sings, ryan drums, danny bass, josh guitar Oregon if it wasnt for mike, id still like boys with hair ---:) tie: us & them, march of the thugs
VOELTECK all girl hardcore omygod u wont believe girls can be this hard!
WANTED DEADoceanside hc that slayssssssssssss
WATCH THEM DIEfucking great hardcore!!!!
WESTERNplease hurry with cd. hurry!!!
WONDERLAND AVENUE joe drums, travis bass, dave gtr. humbolt.! HARD blues oyes
NEIL YOUNG w/CS&N david&steven&graham&neil all sing(boo)&all gtr(oyeah!) NEILIS GODscum sad she got fired over neil, proud at least it was for worthy cause
YOUTH GONE WILDpunk and fun and superhunky lead singer & megapunk bassplaya & guitarplaya punkshreds & & & &....3/4 of band shirtless when i saw, wut the fuck more could you want???
ZERO BULL SHIT (ZBS) *** nextshow Zero Bull Shit, they rock!! OBHC!!
ZEKESHIT theybrokeup!! update: or did they? rumors have them back together!!! pleasepleaseplease be true

to qualify for scumhood, bands must meet the following conditions: 1. band plays enuff bay area shows that scum can catch a show. 2. scum loves band 3. scum REMEMBERS scum loves the band. sorry, i know its not fair. duh. the scum is not only tarded, but normally stoned 24/7. PLUS, if the band was rocking, the scum was pitting. and everyone except coathanger girls know that sweat interfears with short term memory. (which aint exactly overflowing in the scum to begin with).

sorry bout not all the band links working yet, or without even a tiny scum bio, cuz this broken puter and lazyscum are hard combination to overcum hehehhe. . please trust the scum thothese are all great bands!!!!
ps im also way too lazy to worry bout arcane rules of alphabetizing. everything here is just straight a to z. nuttin fancy (ie eddie haskells are between drowing pool & eminem; lars fredrickson & bastards are beteen intrepid aaf (rip) and legbone, s.t.f.u. is between speedealer & strangegirl, etc. o, and theres a few bands on here that i aint actually seen yet, but it helps me remember i wanna see em, cuz well, if you read this far, ya already know why i need help remembering, ----: )

JUST ADDED: SCUMS top stalk bands (aka the 10 bands i most want to check out) has been merged onto this bandorama page. bands i havent seen yet, but wanna, are identified by "stalklist" after band name.

UPCOMING SHOWS bestest local shows handpicked by scum to be SCUMGUARNTEED TO ROCK!
TWEEKERS PARADISE for lazypunks with WAY too much time on their hands, punklinks to entertain ya while your chasing the dragon
TOP 10 LIST come on, where else ya gonna find the top 10 songs to boink to???

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